Welcome to Your Transformation Group

Unlock Your Full Potential

The Future of Coaching

Transformation Groups combine self-discovery using the Numina App with facilitated peer-group sessions.

You will learn how to:

  • see more clearly,
  • have a real impact,
  • relate more deeply, and
  • achieve your goals.

We take the key methods of our work coaching CEOs and translate the content into a format accessible for everybody. Each participant explores a vital area of personal growth and shares their work via the app with their group of 5. Then, in the weekly video conference, our skilled facilitator helps the group benefit from each other’s experience.

We learn from our peers in ways no expert could teach. Groups report a deep sense of mutual trust and bonding by the end.

Because we want your feedback to refine our program, we are offering this public version free of charge for now. We simply ask for your openness and your commitment to complete all 5 sessions.

You can watch my introduction videos to learn more about Transformation Groups. Please sign up by filling out the form below